Week 4: Wednesday, 13 12 17. Debugging + media production.

The day before the presentation, all our energy was used to have working prototypes, with which we could show our approach live at the presentation.

Our wearables were finished by Tuesday night, but there were still shields and drivers to solder and attach, cables to extend and values to map. Fernando locked himself up in the Physical Computing Lab in order to finish this part, while Gabriel printed the second artifact of empathy and helped Fernando. Nadine edited the contents and the documentation for the presentation, took care of the media production for the final delivery on Friday.

After Gabriel and Fernando could finish all components, we attached and assembled everything and we defined Nadine and Gabriel as the two subjects for the prestation, who should live demo our wearables. Nadine will be the scared one and Gabriel will be the empathetic one. We mapped the values according to their physical state, so the function of our work could be seen and experienced clearly.


To transfer the heart beat between subject 1 (the person feeling the anxiety) and subject 2 (the empath), we chose to use vibration motors. Subject 1 has them at the wrist, subject 2 on the back. The four vibration motors both subjects have immitate in serie the heart beat of the other person.


void vibrationLoop() {
if (vibrationActive) {
if (vibrationLastExec + vibrationInterval * 4 > currentTime) {
for(int i = 0; i < 4; i++){ vibrationStatus[i] = currentTime > vibrationLastExec + vibrationInterval * i && currentTime < vibrationLastExec + vibrationInterval * (i + 1); } } else { for(int i = 0; i < 4; i++){ vibrationStatus[i] = false; } vibrationActive = false; } activateVibration(); } } void updateVibrationInterval() { if (!vibrationActive && vibrationInput > vibrationInputThreshold) {
vibrationInterval = map(constrain(vibrationInput, 50, 120), 50, 120, vibrationMapLow, vibrationMapHigh);
vibrationLastExec = currentTime;
vibrationActive = true;

void activateVibration() {
for(int i=0; i < 4; i++){ digitalWrite(VIBRATION_PINS[i], vibrationStatus[i] ? HIGH : LOW); } }

Week 2: Thursday, 30 11 17. Intermediate Presentation

Presentation PDF