Week 1: Wednesday, 22 11 17. Waste / Bodystorming

The traces we leave behind everyday in the form of waste could be a way to collect data about the behaviour of an individual. Like every form of data collection, it’s subject of interpretation what could have happened.




Fig. 01: human waste traces.



As an exercise I decided to track my waste over the course of a day. It’s a small insight into my activities over those 24 hours and not the full picture. Tracking should always be considered as a window into someones behaviour, and not a full account.




Fig. 03: tracked waste of Fernando’s day



Conclusions / questions

  • Was I stressed over that day (12 cigarette buts)?
  • There isn’t much casings coming from food. Did I eat enough or did I just eat food without casings?
  • What happened to the other sock?